Why Buy a Quick Move-in Ready Home?

A move-in ready home is kind of like a dream. It's this special way of purchasing a brand new home that has all the bells and whistles, and a minimum of headaches. 

With the right homebuilder, a move-in ready home is like a breath of fresh air and you'll feel it the moment you walk through the door. 

The paint on the walls will be fresh. The carpeting under your feet will be plush. The kitchen will be gleaming with brand new appliances. 

And the best part? There's no wait time to call a gem like this home. A move-in ready home is as spectacular as it sounds.

Allow us to break down five of the best benefits of a move-in ready home. You'll quickly find that, in life, not everything is too good to be true. 

The Home is Completed

It's one thing to buy a home that's new to you. It's an entirely different experience to buy a new home that's never been lived in before.  

The plush carpets have never been walked on. The kitchen cabinets have never been filled. Walking into a complete home, with all the trimmings, is a wonderful experience. 

You'll enjoy freshly-painted walls, a beautiful exterior, and a spotless kitchen (to name a few items). As everything looks and smells fresh, you'll be glad to have such a pristine place to call home. 

You Won't Have to Renovate

Often, when families buy used homes, they have to consider some sort of upgrade or renovation. Perhaps they love the home and the locale, but wanted more of an open floorplan. In which case, a wall or two must come down. 

With a move-in ready home, you shouldn't be looking at any pending renovations. It'll be a long time before there's a need for a new roof or back porch. And, again, the floorplan should be superb. 

Most builders know families love open concepts, plenty of light, and zero wasted space. They're also keen to understand the need for spacious walk-in closets, large owner suite bedrooms, and other amenities such as energy-efficient appliances. 

Plenty of other families out there have to tear out carpeting or rip down wallpaper. But, this isn't the case with a move-in ready home. Instead, all the family has to do is unpack, nest, and start to make new memories.  

There's No Wait Time

The process of building a custom home is months in the making (if all goes well). Imagine having a similarly gorgeous finished product with zero wait time. The home buying process will look a little more like this:

  • Meet with your builder.
  • Find your new home.
  • Apply for financing.
  • Sign the paperwork. 

That's pretty fabulous, isn't it? You can explore brand new, never-lived-in homes and then choose one. There's no wait time and you can quickly move in.

There's no haggling over lot purchases, design details, or other competing buyers. Best of all, the completed home is a pristine home. 

There Are Fewer Decisions to Make

Sure, building a custom home has its perks. It can be enjoyable to select the best oven range for the kitchen, the right tile for the shower, and each and every light fixture.  

But, what if you're not a fan of a multitude of decisions?  What if you know it will only allow you to get overwhelmed? 

Truthfully, these decisions can impede the building process. If you're conflicted over which light fixture and vanity to put in the bathroom, then it can impede the entire construction process. 

When selecting the right builder, surely you'll be able to review their portfolio of work. If you like their design work, then you'll know you're making a good choice by leaving all the decisions up to them. 

Let the company's interior designers decide which kitchen cabinets match which backsplash. Let them decide which lighting fixtures will look the best in each room. In the end, you'll be able to enjoy beautiful, designer finishes that you didn't have to stress over. 

There Are Often Great Warranties

A reputable builder will include comprehensive warranties on their new builds. Often, you'll see things like the roof, appliances, and other structural features covered. That means you shouldn't  get hit with unexpected repair bills for a good, long time. 

As an aside, in a quality build, all those new appliances that are being covered under the warranty should also be energy efficient. That means you'll be able to save a nice chunk of money on your utility bills each month. 

The Perks of a Move-in Ready Home

And there you have it. The perks of a move-in ready home are countless. Being able to enjoy a brand new home that's never been lived in before and completely ready (with no wait time) is a wonderfully unique position to be in.

Here at Gray Point Homes, we're in the business of bringing dream homes to life. We build high-quality, stylish move-in ready homes that are designed for the first-time homebuyer. We believe that the dream of owning a home should be attainable (and affordable) for everyone. 

If you're planning to move to Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, or San Antonio, we can help you secure your new home. We build energy smart (and smart) homes within an affordable price range.

 Fill out the form below to start your new homebuying journey. We look forward to ushering you into this new phase of life.

Let's Help You Find the Perfect Home!

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