First Time Home Buying Process: The Do’s and Don’ts

The first time home buying process can appear quite daunting to most. All of those financial hurdles and legal technicalities can really start to add up and leave first-time homebuyers at a loss. 

Alas, we're here to help! Countless people have gone before you in this endeavor and countless more will go after you. In the meantime, we've outlined the home buying process to give you a little bit of a road map. 

We'd like to place some do's in your toolkit that will help you make informed decisions, as well as a few don'ts that should help you avoid proverbial potholes in the road. Here goes your new beginning!

Do Consider a New Construction

We're going to focus this article on new constructions. Nowadays, they're highly affordable and well worth it. The beauty of owning a home that no one's ever lived in before is very special and unique. It makes every square foot more enjoyable.

A new home is also going to have more updates, be designed with an open floorplan, and be more energy-efficient. If you play your cards right, you may even be able to enjoy the perks of a smart home.

All around, a new construction is going to be built to today's standards. With modern windows and seals, it will make heating and cooling the home a breeze. Also, any appliances that come with the home are likely to be more energy-efficient, saving on monthly bills.

Do Conduct Your Research

When you're ready to start searching, start with some solid research. Sure, all builders must adhere to local building codes, but that doesn't eliminate the opportunity for shoddy work. 

See what the reviews say. Run the company through the Better Business Bureau. Check the state attorney general's office to see if any complaints have ever been filed.

For the most part, the reviews don't lie and they'll tell you if you should proceed forward.

When you start to feel confident, then you can reach out to the builder. Fill out the form below with all your questions. We will be more than happy to address all your questions.

Do Select Your Floorplan Wisely

The floorplan is the canvas upon which you're about to paint your new home. So, don't take this stage of the building process lightly. Here, you'll want to see a handful of options from your builder. 

Take some time to explore the galleries and virtual tours of each floor plan being offered by your preferred builder. Depending on the size of your family, you may want an open floorplan.

Or, you might want a floorplan that provides a little privacy throughout each room. This is a crucial part of the home building process and one you don't want to gloss over. 

Don't Forget the Community

A gorgeous home is one thing. But, don't forget the time-old, "Location, location, location," expression. 

If you're choosing a designer home in a community owned by the builder, then you're likely to be in great company. Things should look clean, well-maintained, and up to par. 

But, don't forget to look outside the box. For example, what amenities does the community offer?

If there's a model home onsite and a welcoming sales counselor, then that counselor can walk you through the community and paint an even broader picture of what you'll be able to enjoy in your new community.  

Don't Go it Alone

Since you've done your research and are hiring a sound builder, you shouldn't run into too many loopholes and oddities. Still, as a first-time purchaser, you shouldn't go at it alone. 

Don't be afraid to make the investment in a real estate lawyer when you're ready to sign a purchase contract. They'll know to look for certain things like the ability to conduct an inspection or cancel the contract. 

Solid builders will offer some type of warranty for their work. A real estate attorney will help you understand what's covered and what's not. Since this is a unique way to secure the house of your dreams, it's wise to do so with legal counsel that will help you sleep at night. 

Don't Let Upgrades Hold You Back

Sometimes, we get really caught up in the minutia and allow that to hold up the whole process. As people struggle to choose between backsplash tiles, progress in the kitchen is being restricted. 

So, remember to keep a level head while you maintain the big picture. Ironically, you might do well to hire a builder who creates move-in ready homes.

In this manner, you're still purchasing a gorgeous property that's state of the art; you just didn't have to get hung up on design details. Rather, it was all done for you.

Simplify the Home Buying Process

And there you have it. We hope these six do's and don'ts will help you simplify and streamline the home buying process.

Be sure to do your research and never feel you have to go it alone. Although a solid homebuilder won't put you through the wringer, it doesn't hurt to have a team of people in your corner. 

Here at Gray Point Homes, we're in the business of bringing dream homes to life. We build high-quality, stylish new homes that are designed for the first-time homebuyer and beyond. 

If you're planning to move to Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, or San Antonio, we can help you secure your new home. We build energy smart (and smart) homes within an affordable price range.

Imagine being the first one to step onto plush, new carpets or open brand new kitchen cabinets. This can easily be your reality.

Fill out the form below to start your new homebuying journey. We look forward to opening this new chapter of life with you.

Let's Help You Find the Perfect Home!

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