Custom Builders vs. Production Builders: Which is Best?

The dream of homeownership is something that never has to be out of your grasp, as long as you choose the right professionals to help you. Building a home is a popular option. 

When you do decide to build, you'll often have to make the choice between custom builders and production builders. 

What's the difference, you ask? Read on to learn more about these differences, and why going with production builders like Gray Point Homes could be your best bet. 

Custom Builders vs. Production Builders

The home building industry is alive and well, thanks in large part to production builders. These are professionals who develop and build a certain number of homes to meet demand. 

Once a buyer has chosen a builder, they can begin deciding on personalization options. This puts more autonomy and power into the buyer's hands. 

Here's why you might consider going with a production builder like Gray Point Homes over custom builders:

1. You Have More Flexibility When it Comes to the Pricing

Chances are high that you'll save a pretty penny going with production homes as opposed to a custom home builder. You have a budget in mind and with a production builder, they can show you homes exactly in your price point. This way you know you won't be breaking the bank on choosing options for a home you can't afford. 

2. You Can Expect to Move in Quicker

The builders already have plans and options laid out with production homes, so you won't have to worry about setbacks and delays related to permits, logistics, or waiting for certain items and materials to become available. 

Everyone wants a brand new home, but that doesn't mean everyone is willing to wait as long to move into a custom home. Working with a production builder is a win-win since you'll move in quicker but will still get a new construction property. 

3. There Are Often Community Amenities and Perks for You to Enjoy

When you work with a production builder, you're not just buying into the property itself -- you're buying into the community. 

These properties can come with a clubhouse, pool, tennis courts, gym, spa, office center, and so much more. You're getting a lot more bang for your buck this way, since you'll have access to more resources and will also have a greater sense of belonging. 

4. A Sales Professional Will Work With You on Your Decisions One on One

When you work with a company like Gray Point Homes, you're getting the opportunity to build your ideal home one decision at a time. However, don't think that you have to work through these decisions alone. 

You'll get access to a sales professional that can help you put together your wish list so that they can work hard to match you up with whatever you'd like. These pros also have the inside knowledge on how many properties are available, and whether or not there is a waiting list. 

They will help you to move forward with the process, and you'll take solace in the fact that you're assisted every step of the way. 

5. The Floor Plans You Choose From Are Already Designed and Proven

The ability to choose your own floor plan is why so many people prefer new construction homes. However, with production builders, this doesn't have to be a tedious or stressful decision. 

Instead, you'll have your floorplan options already vetted and laid out so you can get what you need in a few simple choices. Make sure to consider your lifestyle and what you're looking for long-term so that you can choose the floorplan that works best for you and your family. 

6. Production Homes Let You Pick Out Several Features

In terms of your options, you'll be able to pick between multiple if you choose to built a to-be-built home. So while it's not quite the same as working with custom builders, you'll still have control over several decisions. Being able to pick out these features will help you choose the details that will make your home fulfilling. 

7. You Can Tour Several Different Models

Since production builders are already scheduled to build several different properties, it gives you the chance to tour different models before you make your decision. The ability to walk through the property in the flesh will make it easier for you to envision living in a comparable home. 

This lets you touch the furnishings and actually get a feel for how much space you're working with. From here, you can learn up close and personal what things you like and which you don't like, which will go a long way toward helping you land on your dream home. 

Get the Most of Your Home Purchase

Working with custom builders allows you to build a home from scratch, but working with production builders is where it's at. You won't have to look for a quality team of production builders, because we're the best at what we do. 

Gray Point Homes services cities all over Texas, including Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. We'd be happy to speak to you further about your home options and let you know why we're the ones that you should be working with. 

Fill out the form below to learn more about Gray Point Homes so that we can build you the perfect production home for your needs. 

Let's Help You Find the Perfect Home!

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