Which Is Right for You? 4 Types of Communities, Explained

In the market for a new home? Feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices?

That's totally normal, and we're here to help!

Whether it's your first home, a vacation home, an upgrade, or downsizing, finding the right house is important. This is the place you will sleep every night and build memories for a lifetime.

And finding the right house starts with finding the right community.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about the different types of communities available.

1. Master-Planned Community

A master-planned community is a large neighborhood with homes and other amenities. Depending on the community, those amenities may include parks, swimming pools, restaurants, movie theaters, community gardens, and more.

This type of community is built with comfort, convenience, and inclusion in mind. 

People are drawn to master-planned communities because it's easy to meet new people. Young families, older adults, or people relocating to a new city find it nice to get to know other people and build relationships.

Group events and communal spaces encourage residents to introduce themselves and find connections with neighbors.

Master-planned communities are also great if you like to stay active. Safe walking spaces and workout facilities allow for regular exercise. And the unique amenities make it easy to try new hobbies. 

If you think that a master-planned community may be right for you, take a tour. You can even research online and contact an agent to learn more about specific communities.

2. Single Builder (Custom Builder)

A single-builder or custom builder creates unique individual homes.

Typically the home is built on one lot rather than a shared lot. This also means that the house is usually a single-family home among other single-family homes in the neighborhood.

The benefits of living in this type of home are variety and personalization. If you are interested in working with a builder to create a custom home, all the decisions and personal touches are yours.

During the building process, you will work with an architect and contractor or a design-build company. Working alongside experts will help you feel more confident when choosing the styles and features of the home.

You also usually have more land in this type of community which offers privacy. You can work on the landscaping, plant a garden, or have room for your dog to run around.

The custom builder approach is great for those that want total control of the style and expression of their home.

The community camaraderie may not be the same as master-planned communities. But, if you choose the right neighborhood you can still get to know other people living nearby. 

Custom built, single-family homes often hold higher resale value too.

3. Multi-Builder (Production Builder)

A production builder, like Gray Point Homes, creates a community of homes based on similar floor plans. This system is efficient and usually costs less. Although the overall price of the home depends more on the location and size.

Communities built by a production builder include quick move-in homes if you are wanting to move in sooner or to-be-built homes if you would like to build your home. There are multiple floor plans to choose from to find the perfect home for you.

The placement of the windows, the size of the porch, or even the material of the house can give each home unique charm. You can also work with a builder to customize the appliances, countertops, flooring, and other design elements inside the home.

The idea of production home communities is to have an overall pleasing aesthetic. The builder works to create a cohesive look to the neighborhood, which is similar to the master-planned community.

But, you will usually be able to build a house of the same size for less money.

The reason for the lower price comes down to bulk purchasing. The builder is buying all the materials at a higher volume than a custom builder would.

4. Townhomes

A townhouse is a mix of a condo and a single-family home. It usually is more than one floor and shares a wall with the neighboring unit. 

People often confuse townhomes with condos, but they are not the same.

A townhouse is a privately-owned home. Usually, townhomes do not have the same shared amenities that condos have like a pool or laundry room although some townhomes have shared yard space.

The overall size of townhomes varies, but square footage is usually more than a condo but less than a single-family home.

Townhomes offer more privacy than a traditional condo or apartment. They are generally cheaper than a single-family home.

Some townhomes have Homeowner's Associations (HOAs) and some require regular maintenance fees for upkeep of shared spaces.

Choosing Among the Types of Communities

Educating yourself on different types of communities can help you choose what's best for you and your family.

First, you have to consider your budget. A custom home is probably the most expensive option but allows you the greatest flexibility.

A production community or master-planned community is going to be a little less expensive while still offering your multiple floor plan options.

Townhomes are probably the most economical, but you may have less overall square footage.

Beyond the budget, you should consider how much space you want and how important privacy is. You should also consider what (if any) amenities are important to you in a community.

Start making a list of your priorities for your next house and narrow down the search to the community that fits those needs. 

Make Yourself At Home

Among various types of communities, there is one out there that is perfect for you. So, start searching!

Consider location, budget, space, and personalization when making your choice. And take your time when deciding because this is a bid decision. 

If you're ready to start planning for your perfect home, fill out the form below to get started! 

Let's Help You Find the Perfect Home!

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